Hydraulic Cylinder

SPANNKRAFT has a wealth of experience in Manufacturing and supplying hydraulic Cylinders, backed up by extensive hydraulic systems and product knowledge so you can be confident that our hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic equipment really are “fit for purpose”.

We specialize in the design and production of Hydraulic Cylinders that are specifically designed for your task, your equipment and in conformance with standard ISO specifications.

If you are looking to source a standard hydraulic cylinder, SPANNKRAFT has widespread, competitive entrée to leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in INDIA.

We can manufacture cylinders to suit your individual requirements.

    Here is a selection of the products we include :
  • Single Acting Cylinders
  • Double Acting Cylinders
  • Offshore Cylinders
  • Telescopic and Tie Rod type Cylinders
  • Displacement Sensing LVDT Cylinders
  • High Pressure Custom Built Cylinders
  • Trunion/clevis/front flange Mounted cylinders
  • Cushioned and non-cushioned cylinder

We can design hydraulic cylinders to suit your specific application, requirements and operating parameters. We offer bore sizes from 25 mm and strokes up to 7 meters length.

Hydraulic Cylinders with Guaranteed Quality
    Quality is also assured through our quality control department and through the way operations are performed around the facility. Some of our procedures include :
  • Manufacturing is oriented towards application requirement.
  • Design includes applicable critical parameters
  • Selection and scheduling of materials and manufacturing is controlled using our internal production team.
  • Exclusive and most suitable design of sealing arrangement
  • Preliminary, intermediate and final inspections ensure complete quality.
  • Accurate assembly procedures under quality supervision
  • Stringent testing for higher performance
  • All hydraulic cylinders are cycle pressure tested before release

The extensive and prompt installation and site supervision and after service support for the cylinders is the added advantage to our customers