onsite services
    SPANNKRAFT provide ON-SITE services for Cylinders and Systems and Power Packs. Here is a selection of the types of services we undertake onsite :
  • Fault finding/ Trouble-shooting
  • Regular Overhauling/Preventive maintenance/system analysis of hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic cylinder overhauling /seal kit replacement
  • New equipment commissioning
  • Oil Contamination monitoring, filtration and advice.
  • Hydraulic piping, pickling & flushing
    We are offering these services in two manners :
  • With Man Power
  • Supervision Only
Overhauling /Preventive maintenance
We are often called to provide overhaul for existing Hydraulics system of a range of applications in various industries that are critical to manufactures revenue and therefore cannot be out of action for any period. Machine utilization and optimization can often be improved. We are able to review your hydraulic systems and determine what is required to improve machine performance. Our Onsite regular service and preventative maintenance will provide a more stable platform, with less down time meaning less hassle for all concerned.
Diagnosis / Trouble-shooting
Our hydraulic engineers always relish a challenge, and don’t shy away from fault-finding, diagnostics and solving hydraulic problems; it’s all in a days’ work for us. Many of our customers call on us for support in routine hydraulic systems maintenance work, breakdown situations or even ask us to accompany them on joint site visits to their own customers.
Detailing / Analysis
We can help you with a dedicated, professional team of hydraulic engineers. We can attend site to get a “hands on” feel and understanding for your application and environment. This can include an analysis of system critical hydraulic components and recommended spares; so that you can understand which of your hydraulic components are most susceptible to failure and the impact that this may have on safety, production and systems performance… and just as importantly the cost and lead times involved in sourcing replacements. Our skilled team has a wealth of expertise in hydraulics and related fields and can advise you on the correct choice of equipment.