Flushing System Hire and Supply

The cleanliness and integrity of hydraulic systems is essential for achieving the maximum performance and lifetime of a system. This is even more important when operating systems with high precision components such as proportional valves. For offshore operation, where low maintenance requirements are essential, starting with a clean system and confidence in your hose and piping integrity is the first step to reliability and failure prevention.

    Flushing Systems can be supplied to perform Flushing is ideal for
  • Any system not running correctly due to contamination
  • New plant installations prior to commissioning
  • Any system following a major overhaul
  • Systems with performance problems, wear, sticking valves etc.

Flushing Systems, we use are the latest in flushing technology. These are very portable units designed to generate 100 to1000 Liter/minute flow and able to flush up to 4” inside diameter pipe work. On-line Particle Counters ensure the correct ISO / NAS cleanliness is reached. Flushing is carried out until the target results are achieved. On board filtration cleans down to NAS 6, ISO 14/11 or better. All results are documented and traceable to national standards.

Filtration- 3, 5,10,20,50 µ

Flushing System can be hired out with a service engineer. Alternatively we can supply standard flushing systems for sale or we can build special flushing units for end of production line flushing of machinery/components/pipelines.

    Our Flushing Steps are including
  • Flushing in accordance to ISO23309:2007 “methods of cleaning lines by flushing”
  • Flow settings calculated to create turbulent flow through each pipe or hose to be flushed
  • Perform hot oil flushing up to 65 °C to reach target cleanliness level.
  • Oil cleanliness levels are displayed and recorded using a particle counter / sensor with printing module
  • Certified to NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 Standards
  • Flushing Protocol/certificates issued for each loop of hoses/pipes.